Eternal Remembrance . 48x60 inches . 2010

I wrote the following email to the recipient of this painting when sending her final pictures. Rather than rewriting a blog about it, I decided it was more special to simply share my letter with you. :o)

"I really really love how this turned out. The colors just jump off the painting. The last two pictures were taken when parts of the middle are still wet, so the goopy white stuff won't be visible now that it's dry.

I called this one Eternal Remembrance. Honestly, I couldn't get your experience with your Aunt and her passing out of my mind while painting this new version, so I'm essentially dedicating it to you and her. I hope this brings a little bit of sunshine into your home, and serves as a beacon of remembrance for you and your family!

The UV aspect reflects this as well. I went for a "full wall" of color effect, in part inspired by a vague, perhaps invented interpretation of your family's history, traditions, and mark on the world. I wanted to create a woven tapestry of color and light for you, in an abstract way representing your heritage. I intentionally made the glow aspect unbelievably bright and distinct. Regardless of a blacklight, it should be visibly glowing throughout the night, never fading into darkness, and continuing on through till the morning light returns.

I hope you like it. :o)

Eternal Remembrance is now living happily with a family of kitties and humans in Illinois!

Maslow approves of the new painting.