Getting Older

"You guys gotta come in here with some young animals one day and this will be easier." (says a Vet we saw over 3 years ago when we were bringing in our old cat and old dog regularly.)

Meat passed away in 2008.

I remember at the time wondering if I ever would have young animals to bring in. We see a different Vet now, one that is familiar with Joey's neverending allergy issues ("some of the worst I've seen," says his doctor.) We go in every 3 months or so. Joey is currently on a regime of ear cleanings every few days, daily eye cleanings, and weekly medicated baths to manage his allergies.

I'm writing this now simply to pass the time until I have to go meet with the Vet again, and pick up Joey, I think, where he's been getting tests all day. We drive 30 minutes to the Vet, because we've since moved, but I want to stick with his current doctor who's familiar with Joey's situation. They didn't exactly tell me he was okay, but they told me I could come in and meet with the doctor. Excellent.

Bloody noses don't bode well for a 14 year old dog.

I'll update later when I know anything. Happy thoughts, if you would. Thanks.

UPDATE: We're home. We won't know too much until the test results come back in a few days. He's sleepy and wobbly, but I think he'll feel better in the morning after he's rested. Seems in good spirits, as usual.