Farmers Market + Current Garden

This week we bought salad greens, carrots, nectarines [not as many as last time, which we would have been able to eat all of, but some of the nectarine pits were moldy inside, booooo], Japanese eggplants, Japanese cucumber, and Italian sweet peppers.

BIG SALAD tonight for dinner!!

Also my tomato plant has now grown to be taller than me and has intentions of taking over the world. Apparently worm castings are magical. I've never had a tomato plant grow like this. If I don't anchor the cage it's already in, I can guarantee it tipping over and killing me once it starts growing actual tomatoes.  :oO

Space saving tip! I planted arugula in the plumeria container (to the right of the tomato plant) and it's doing fabulously. I also planted chives in the other plumeria container, and they're even starting to grow little purple chive flowers!

Now I have gardening AND wide open patio space. Hooray. :o)