Nalu . 12x36 inches . 2010

Nalu is the Hawaiian word for "wave."

1. natural lighting (near a sunny window)
2. artificial lighting (regular interior lighting)
3. combined uv and artificial lighting
4. uv lighting only (with a black light)
5. no light (glow in the dark for hours!)

Real beach sand covers the area beneath the waves. It's full of tiny pieces of rocks and shells, and colored a warm sandy hue that I've learned to associate with Hawaii. Which is not to say that that color is representative of all of Hawaii. The beaches there also have sand in shades of white, green, and black. Like MAGIC.

A number of people have asked if I'm ever going to paint Nami again, and I kept saying "probably not" even while creating this new painting. I wasn't being coy, I honestly didn't connect them in my mind. I mean, obviously they are similar, but to me, Nami was its own thing. A wave painting to be sure, but a unique spot in my mind reserved for something that simply didn't exist anymore. (Also- OMG dots.) I guess what I should have said is "Well, of course I'll be doing some wave paintings in the future! So pretty! So fun! Yay waves!!"

[And that's why artists rarely make sense.]

So, of course, I can't ever replace Nami, nor do I plan to, but I am enjoying an ongoing exploration of waves, Hawaiian, Japanese, and even just energy & sound waves within the universe.

Nalu will be on display at The Happening Gallery in Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles) from July 2nd to the 27th. An artists reception will be held on Saturday July 17th from 6-9pm. I'd love to see you and talk about this new painting in person!