A Different Direction

(photo by Colin)

This weekend we unplugged, taking a computer sabbatical of sorts. It actually wasn't intentional until midway through Sunday, but having realized we'd gone that far already, it seemed wise to just stay away until the new work week began.

We accomplished much. Our business momentum was high. The primary objective was brainstorming, regrouping, and planning ahead. We had many discussions outlining our future career goals and how to implement them.

I think it's necessary for us to step back occasionally and look at all our plans. Otherwise we tend to feel overwhelmed and confused. We always have lots of ideas, but we lack the ability to plan accordingly.

More than all of that, I had some serious breakthroughs about myself and my art. I know more about who I am now, and what I want. I can see further ahead on the path I'm traveling. I know where I stand on certain issues. Very important, very heavy stuff.

But it was also an incredibly relaxing weekend. We saw friends, ate delicious food, took a few nature walks, sketched, talked, took pictures, and enjoyed each other.

I'm looking forward to getting things done. :o)