Moleskine® + Graph Paper = Yay

Be still my heart.

Sketchbooks! Moleskine®!! Made with graph paper!!! Why hasn't someone informed me of this sooner? Did you not know how perfect it was for me? :oO

Little squares that can be marked out to match almost any size canvas. This is huge. Plus, the sketchbooks themselves are really thin, so I can easily carry one around with me in my bag. Rarely am I the type to be struck with an idea while out grocery shopping that I absolutely must jot down then and there, but... You never know.  Maybe now I will be inspired to. Who wants to carry thick, flimsy sketchbooks with metal binders around with them all the time? Not I. Not I.

I will never again buy another kind. I have found my sketchbook soulmate. We are one and we will multiply. I love you, Graph Paper.