The 5x5 Show

[That's a Buffy reference, by the way. If you know, you know.]

Come see me at The 5x5 Show on September 18th 7-10pm at The Rebel Unit gallery in Santa Ana!

The Rebel Unit
727 North Poinsettia Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Fun show. :o) I will be showing twenty-five 5x5 inch paintings. (Get it?? ahhhhh)

Every single painting will be just $50. :oO If you've ever wanted an original painting of mine, this is the show for you! FIFTY! That's it! Each one is fully light reactive and on gallery wrapped canvas. Perfect shelf/desk/office/bookcase/nightstand art. Good for gifts too! FIFTY BUCKS PEOPLE!!

More details later, but I wanted to give you the heads up! Mark your calendars now.

The 5x5 reference (one of many that occurred in the series) happens at 2:44 in the above video. :o)