Sakura . 36x78 inches . 2010

The second of my Gen Kai series. This piece is done on three separate 24x36 inch canvases. Click each series to enlarge it.

1. natural lighting (near a sunny window)
2. artificial lighting (regular interior lighting)
3. combined uv and artificial lighting
4. uv lighting only (with a black light)
5. no light (glow in the dark)

I'm very proud of this one.

It's interesting that I began work on what I've been calling my "Japanese Fusion Paintings" the year before visiting Japan. We're specifically aiming to be in Japan during Sakura 2011, for all the cherry blossom festivities. Cherry blossoms are only peaking for about 2 weeks a year, so our timing involves a lot of hoping and estimating. Either way, I'm thrilled to experience them. They look like feathers or cotton candy or faery dust or something. I'm sure I'll want to paint more of them after seeing such fluffy pink magic in real life. In the meantime, I'll just have to dream about it.

This was not an easy painting to complete, and was entirely out of my comfort zone. Colin helped me a lot, and I jokingly referred to him as my "apprentice" because of the dirty work I put him through. I think he enjoyed it though, it's fun to get your hands all covered in modeling paste. Well, maybe not, but he was happy to help me. On many days, after working 12 hours on it, my hands simply wouldn't function anymore.

What's hard to see in these pictures is the way I made the blossoms to sparkle and glimmer as you walk past it through the room. I wanted it to be reminiscent of the way cherry blossoms flutter in the breeze.

I've been told that people eating in the dining room have been taking pictures of my art with their cell phones. Rad. :o)

Gen Kai Japanese Restaurant
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