And then there were seven...

What an awesome show!

Out of 25 paintings, I came home with just 7. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, to Barry for being such a great host, and to Colin for taking on so much of the work (as always) at these events. I had a great time speaking with everyone, and really appreciate all the enthusiasm. Success!

Here's Barry's badass little Femme Fatale figures. Good work, sir!

The real buzz of the night was his in-process "Project Viki" which promises to be one of the coolest inventions ever in existence. I'm not quite sure where to begin explaining that one, so you'll have to check my blog next year for updates on when it will be unveiled. Just think The Time Machine meets old-school arcade games. Yup.

I need to remind myself to find water at some point in the evening on show nights. Inevitably, I end up talking so much that my mouth no longer forms words properly. Even better is the deterioration of brain function from the beginning of the night towards the end. Whereas I started off able to explain the nuances and intricacies of how I work with grace and intelligence, I ended the evening exhausted and confused, blathering some nonsense about balanced-chaos-zen-glow-peace-happy-acrylic-thick-long-time-floor-painting-rock-science-astronomy-universe-stars. I think that was an exact quote. My apologies to the nice art student at the end of the night who was forced to translate my half formed sentences. I blame delirium.

Anyway, this is what's left! (Update: All sold. Thanks!)







If you'd like one of these, email me and I'll reserve it for you. $50 each + $10 shipping if you don't live somewhere in South Orange County. (If you do, then no shipping charge.) Otherwise I'll try to get individual Etsy listings up later this week.

Thanks again!