Free and clear

Someone recently asked me if clear was a color. I don't know, is it? I think of gloss and reflection as a color, I suppose. So yes. Maybe. 

Depends on its intention.

I'm processing a lot of thoughts lately. Every time I resolve to write more, I don't. Every time I resolve to do more yoga, I don't. I don't like being told what to do, even by myself. Sometimes this leaves me frozen in time, confused, not making choices. A mentality that does wonders for being self-employed, I can assure you.

I know everything is a choice, and I hate when people gripe about their circumstances as though everything in life happened to them, like they had no choice in the matter. I hate when I find myself whining. I hate when I find myself whining about other people whining.

One foot in front of the other. 

They say.

I don't know if I've ever had this much going on before in my life. Commissions that I can't fit in. A huge solo show next Spring that I'm preparing for. (I promise I'll tell you about that soon. Any second now. Almost.) A new collection to complete before then. International travel to plan. An ailing doggie that requires a lot of care. Passports to apply for. Christmas balls to make. Christmas. 

Actually, erase that Christmas thing from your mind. The thought of it makes me queasy. It's still June, right? RIGHT??

There's this purple painting I'm making right now that I kind of love. It's almost done. The first official painting I've completed for that show I'm having in Spring that I haven't told you about yet. It's purple and crazy and heavy (I can barely lift it) and did I mention purple? Ideally I'll have it finished by the end of next week.

Two more huge paintings lie on the floor where they wait for supplies to be delivered so I can keep working on them. Eight canvases are stacked against the wall, waiting to have purpose. More canvas needs to be ordered.

I'll sleep when I get back from Japan in April.

Until then, here we go.