[taken on my patio earlier today]

It's here. I admit this now. There are pumpkins everywhere.

Have you seen those fairytale pumpkins? Have these been widely available for awhile now and I just don't pay attention to pumpkin trends anymore? They're rad. Along with other, gorgeous, non-jack-o-lantern type pumpkins I've been seeing out there. Seems like a shift back toward heirloom style, traditional pumpkins. Good job, pumpkineers.

So after that weird week and a half of 115 degree coastal Southern California weather (the hell?) it has rapidly progressed into a dark, gray, chilly October. Chilly like I want to wear slippers and make pumpkin soup kind of chilly.

Speaking of which, there's a new loaf of banana bread in the oven right now.

We spent the day Autumn-Cleaning. Kind of like Spring-Cleaning, but there are pumpkins everywhere outside. It was strange and wonderful taking breaks on the patio, standing in the drizzle, observing the new season. We have a nice little habanero plant outside. There are at least 10 orange peppers hanging from it.

They look exactly like pumpkin ornaments.