Ten Little Facts - An introduction

[Well, since I've gained over 500 (and counting) new followers since Sunday on Twitter, I thought I should properly introduce myself.]

Hello new people! Nice to meet you. I'm an artist, you probably figured that out by now. I do this full time. Crazy, right? My art is Light Reactive, which means it changes colors all day, reacts to different lighting, and then glows in the dark. GLOWS IN THE FREAKING DARK! 

The quick version of me:

1. I live in Orange County, California, but I want to live in Hawaii. So instead, I travel to Hawaii more than I should. I'm going to Japan next Spring though. Because why not.

2. I'm 30.

3. I'm married to Walking Awesomeness. That's his official name, but most people refer to him as "Colin." He's also on Twitter. He's a graphic designer. He writes games too. And he makes Sad Robots and Fat Ninjas. Now you know.

4. I used to be an actor. Sometimes I still am. And by "acting" I mean "auditioning, driving to LA, and occasionally snagging a speaking part in a low budget independent movie that you'll never see."

5. I'm sort of obsessed with pop-science, cosmology, geophysics, and planetary disasters. I watch The Science Channel a lot.

6. I can beat you at Air Hockey.

7. The best advice I've ever received regarding my art was "Don't make it good." A mentor taught me that.

8. My only tattoo is of the coordinates N19º 58' 51" W155º 49' 45", which is written on my forearm, facing me, because I'm the one who's supposed to read it. It's my direction in life.

9. I've been eating sushi happily since I was 5, and now my art is on permanent installation at my favorite sushi restaurant.

10. So far, Enlightenment is my favorite painting I've ever made. This might change soon, because I'm really excited about my new collection.

That's it for now, we'll do 10 more factoids soon. In the meantime, comment, @reply, say hi, let me know who you are. I generally only follow people back if they reach out and talk to me!

And follow my blog for updates on me, my life, my art, and upcoming shows. :o)

Again, very nice to meet you all.