In the thick of it

I feel like a broken record. People have been asking us 'what we're up to lately' and we honestly only have one response:

Art show. Art show Art show Art show Art show Art show Art show Art show.

Art show.

Art. Making art. Art art art.

Oh, the art. That's where I've been. 12 hours a day, not coming up for air, not going outside for days at a time, not realizing how many days have passed. I'm sure if I planned better and started earlier, I wouldn't be so buried in work towards the end, but... That's how I work. I'll improve as I go, the more shows I have, the more I do, but for the time being, I really think this "atmosphere" is what invigorates me. I'm not inspired enough until the deadline is nearer. It's then that I can figure out how to do everything. It's only when I feel pressure that I start moving quickly.

It's probably not ideal, but that's what I feed off of. In further reading of Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit, she talks about certain characteristics being in one's creative "DNA," in that we have certain habits we tend toward naturally. I can definitely see how I'm an artist, and more than that, a painter. I'm fine spending hours and days holed up in my small home working, working, working. Just me and art. I don't notice that it's getting dark until I find myself straining to see my work. I don't need to see people, or talk to anyone, I just paint and paint and paint. And I'm fine with that. Others have asked me "how I do it" and mention that they go stir-crazy at the attempt and need to leave the house after just a few hours of work. What can I say? We have different DNA. Obviously we're not all meant to live this lifestyle. The truth is, it's easy for me. I thrive in it.

Fortunately, unlike most painters, I have a lifetime of public performance & speaking experience under my belt, so when it's time to go out and present, I'm cool with that too. I like being in front of people, I like being on stage. I'm good at it.

It's really a perfect balance for me.