The Journey . 36x24 . 2011

1. natural light
2. interior light
3. interior & UV light combined
4. UV light alone
5. No light (glowing in the darkness)

Ingredients: Acrylic, phosphorescent pigments, varnish, water & light on canvas.

I started this in November. It took me that long to complete. My plan was to work on more complex designs first so that I had ample time to finish them before the show. Good call.

This piece has had a lot of different themes, even for me. It began as an observation of water droplets on glass, quickly becoming various concepts in my mind, each variation less connected to the original. 

(colors change depending on the viewing angle)

I've been told that it looks like cobblestone. My husband suggested it looked like an Earthship wall. To me, it even started to resemble biological cells. In essence, it's all of these things, or none of them, depending on what you see it as yourself. I don't want to decide for you. It's not up to me.

We each see what we want, and travel a different path on our individual walks toward discovery. It's a very personal thing. Ultimately it doesn't matter what any given painting means to you, since it's about the journey with which you arrive at your unique interpretation anyway. Your life, your experiences, form the eyes with which you see the world now. The process is the beautiful part. It's not the art itself, but The Journey you took to arrive here. We're each on the path, walking at our own pace, learning as we go, discovering ourselves. 

I feel like that's kind of the whole reason I make art to begin with. It's an exploration of myself.

The Journey is the latest piece in my Studio C Collection, to be shown on March 26th in Los Angeles.

Update: Painting sold! :) But, it will still be at my show, so make sure to see it!