And we're off!


Seems like Hawaii 2010 was just yesterday, but now we're heading further across the Pacific with our travel-BFFs to the Land of The Rising Sun to gorge ourselves on sushi and sake and robots. Well, we don't plan on eating too many robots. 

Oddly enough, the four of us have each separately had a heart-attack inducing 2011 so far, so why not top off the first quarter with the craziest international trip ever? I see no reason not to.

I'll totally get all those show pictures up when we get back. BEST. SHOW. EVER. 

I wanted to do it this week, but then getting rear-ended on the freeway and having my car totaled on Monday kind of got in the way of my schedule. I'm fine, by the way. But not my car. And not my patience for talking to auto-insurance people. 

But the BEST SHOW EVER and an awesome trip are plenty to keep my spirits up. I'll be posting pictures as I go on my twitter account.

P.S. Our hotel has beer vending machines. I'm just sayin.