Japan Adventures: Karaoke

[Previously on: Japan Adventures]

You know what they say. When in Tokyo...

Also, remember that sake I mentioned 12 times? Well, funny thing about Japan. Not only can you drink openly on the street and buy massive amounts of sake in every convenience store in the city, but they sell it in juice boxes! Maybe that's what fooled us. It's just juice! Right?? We stocked up and smuggled it into our private Karaoke room. Don't tell them, you're not supposed to do that, even though everybody does that. Oh and also, you have to buy one drink per person when renting the room, so we went with Shochu, which can only be described as sake that's more like vodka. Hooray.

All good ideas. Another good idea was when we miraculously ran out of sake and Greg went on a sake mission through the streets of Tokyo to find more. WHICH HE DID.


To be continued...