Frequency . 40x30 inches . 2012

1. natural light

2. artificial/interior light

3. interior and uv (black) light combined

4. uv (black) light only

5. no light (glow in the dark)

[Made with acrylic and phosphorescent pigments on canvas.]

...... and we're back.


So now that it's 2013 I thought I should introduce my 2012 collection. Well timed, no? 

This one is Frequency, and I think my own personal favorite of the entire collection. For a piece that has so much going on, it's one of the most Zen painting experiences I've had. I opted for simplicity in materials - just acrylic and glow pigments - to be made up for in HOLY SNAP HOW MANY CIRCLES IS THAT?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

After a bit of math, I have calculated there are 840 circles, and -- wait for it: 159,000 dots.


What am I, crazy?! Well some people seem to think so, and I figured I might as well capitalize on insanity by funneling my superpowers into circles and dots.

For the moment. 

Actually there's another painting coming up that might have more dots but I have no easy scientific way of calculating them as I did this one (the magic of grids) so we're just going to ignore that for now and you can judge it when you see it.

In my daily painting schedule, I really do love nothing more than sitting on the ground, burning incense, listening to music and blissing out on meditative dotting. I don't have to think about anything other than dots. It requires intense concentration, yet leaves me feeling very relaxed and happy. Minus the painful neck and shoulders, but eh, we must suffer for our art, am I right?

Totally worth it.

This painting is $2400. Email me. Payment plans are always accepted. But, fair warning, I might cry a little when it leaves my home, so make sure to invite me over occasionally after you hang it up! :)