Aloha 'Aina and the ironic sense of motivation I get in Hawaii

I mean, sure, I like to zone out (zen out?) on the beach while the sun bakes my brain and browns my skin and .... What's that? Another lilikoi margarita? Why of course.

I think it's the potent love of being there that reminds me very clearly that my time in Hawaii is temporary. And intermittent. And directly tied to how often I can afford going. Which is directly connected to how hard I work.  

On the other hand, my artistic sensibilities are bombarded with insane beauty the entire time. I want to paint ALL OF IT. I've taken up photography over the last few years, which helps quench a bit of that thirst while there, but it's not enough. Some things just can't be photographed. Besides, it's not the way Hawaii looks that affects me so strongly. I want you to know how Hawaii makes me FEEL.

Emotional, profound, poetic, intense, eerie, spiritual... It's a long list of words, which is partly why I'd rather paint it.

The experience of all these feelings calls me to question much about my life. Or rather, almost inexplicably, it's as though I find myself in the islands whenever I'm deep in thought about who I am and where I'm headed. It's where my mind is able to process all that it needs to. My own spiritual monastery. 

Inevitably, every single time I've been there, I stumble into a conversation with a random local that answers the very life-questions I've been pondering. To be honest, I had a few of those conversations this go-around. It's a little creepy. There were goosebumps involved. Somehow I never see it coming.

Does the island hear my thoughts? Does it bring me there for answers? 

I won't bore you with my hippie zen mystical LOST-esque spiritual crap, but let's just say the island knew what I needed to hear this time too, as it always does.

Regardless, my understandable love of the land (Aloha 'Aina) inspires quite a lot of artistic inspiration. It's not just that I want to express my personal interpretation of Hawaii to the rest of you, but I want to show my appreciation for how it changes me. More specifically, Aloha 'Aina means to nurture the beauty and purity of the land. I can't think of a better way to express my gratitude for this place than to show you how I see it through my own eyes. 

So begins my new Hawaii collection. If I can't make a painting for every photo I took, I'm doing something wrong. I certainly have more inspiration flooding my brain than just what I posted on Instagram. Some paintings are already spoken for and I haven't even yet bought supplies. Mahalo nui loa to those of you who believe in my artistic vision so truly that you can see the magical possibilities just as I do.

In the meantime, if you'd like to jump in and buy one of my photos, I would be honored.

Or, if you see a photo you'd like turned into a painting, get in touch with me and let's discuss the options together.

For now, I am back in the island of Orange County. Sure, I'm sad to be away from home, but I'm glad to be back to work. I have too many plans and ideas not to get started right away. My studio is here and here is where I will create my own personal Hawaii. At least for the time being. I feel a renewed determination to take my art to greater heights, to show more people; to show all people. It might take a little work, but there isn't anyone more capable of telling the world who I am than me. It's just a little climb up, and I think I'm ready to reach higher than ever before, maybe even higher than I can imagine. 

Besides, between you and me, I have this sneaking suspicion I'll be back in Hawaii sooner than we think............................................. ;)