Hanami . 30x90 inches. 2012

Hanami is a triptych: three 30x30 inch canvases, stretched over wooden support beams, with 1.5 inch sides, painted black.

1. natural light

2. artificial/interior light

3. mixed interior and uv (black) light

4. uv (black) light only

5. no light (glow in the dark)

[Made with acrylic, sand, glass, phosphorescent pigments, water & light on canvas.]


I am having a Japanese trip-out. 

Two years ago we were there, in perfect time for Hanami (flower viewing) -- The brief but glorious two week period of time when cherry and plum trees bloom all over Japan. It's like springtime snow. MADE OF FLOWERS. Pretty much one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. 

In this short time, the trees put forth buds, bloom fully, and then float away casually in the breeze, filling the air with blossoms. Actually it's even way better than I could ever make it sound. This painting represents all three stages - the first just blooming, the second in full bloom, and the third showing the flowers beginning their departure from the trees, swirling lightly to the ground.

At five centimeters per second, apparently. ccording to this anime movie, anyway, called 5 Centimeters Per Second, which we watched last week and is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on screen. Holy saturated light and color. Absolutely stunning. 

Watch it in English here.

Watch it in Japanese here.

(We watched it in Japanese, which I highly recommend, because Japanese is amazing to listen to.)

Ironically it's Sakura Season again in Japan right now. I can feel the anticipation nd excitement all the way from here. I wish I was there, but then again, I always do. At some point I will be again. Everything seems to move in cycles.

So it's kind of fortuitous that Hanami ended up being the final painting from last year that I have still to show you. So many memories, so much opportunity budding on the horizon. Truly, it was just a happy coincidence. But my mind is turning to sakura smoosh either way. And I'm okay with that.

Springtime has such a profound effect on us. The regenerative properties seem quite emotional in root, at least this year, at least for me. I'm thrilled to experience the newness, new life, clearer skies, clearer thoughts. There is much hope and possibility. We can start fresh, begin again. Do I feel like this every year? I can't be sure, but I know that I am appreciating my life more nowadays. That's really all that matters. 

Hanami is $4500. Email me to discuss a payment plan suitable for your needs. --SOLD!