Coalesce . 30x40 . 2012

1. natural light

2. artificial/interior light

3. interior and uv (black) light combined

4. uv (black) light only

5. no light (glow in the dark)

[Made with acrylic, sand, glass, phosphorescent pigments, water & light on canvas.]

Coalesce. To grow together; to blend together; to unite so as to form one mass.

Isn't it funny the way things work out?

Ideally, it's the result of everything in life flowing together as it should. If we allow our lives to carry us along while making conscious effort to follow whatever innate sense of personal direction we have, we (hopefully) will arrive at the destination that is uniquely created for us.

It's not an easy concept though, as I may have blathered about in a previous blog. It's a lot of conscious, mental work. Passivity has no place here.

We tend to shift between laziness and manipulation, trying to force things to happen or else refusing responsibility for it. We're control freaks. We seek control of everything - of each other, of our outcomes, of how others view us. We want it to be the way we want it to be, and if it isn't -- well, it's just not our fault. We're weak, we're busy, we're tired, we're broken. Worse, we blame everyone else. Insert your favorite excuse here. I like to claim confusion a lot. Option-paralysis. 

In the healthier versions of ourselves, we might see these moments (and our shortcomings) as an opportunity to explore humility. We might find enlightenment in the powerlessness of our very human capabilities. We might embrace our helplessness and seek to grow.

I always like to envision how solar systems form, out of an explosion of matter, all slowly gathering together over time to eventually move along in beautiful circular orbits around a central point. Simultaneously, everything within our universe moves farther and farther away from itself while these mini systems coalesce. Dirty and messy and deadly and seemingly erratic, yet ultimately all flowing as one.

Like life itself.

Usually, hopefully, as if by magic, as though it was always supposed to be that way, things work out. Many times we feel absolutely aimless only to look back and rejoice at how fated, synchronistic, or 'divinely inspired' certain events were. Perhaps. Pure coincidence can be just as exciting. Our perspective is really all that matters. Whatever pushes us forward to where we're supposed to be. Circumstances change quickly. The only control we have in life is how we react to them. Denying moments such as these, or attempting to force them to fit into our hardened will equals death. 

True wisdom is recognizing when we're given an opportunity to Live, and taking it.

Coalesce is $2400. Email me to chat about it or discuss payment options. Installment plans are always happily accepted. :)