Frenzied Solitude

Hello, March.


The year is brightening up, yes?

There are these frenetic periods of quiet solitude ;) in which I get a massive amount of painting done. It's awesome.

Sometimes I don't take photos at all. Huge phases pass in each painting and I am the only one who will ever know about it.

But it's good to be alone with your art now and then. 

I am getting better about documenting my process and my life. It's so important. When in history have artists been able to record their own stories like this? We have a great responsibility and a great opportunity.

I think when I was first starting out, for many many years, I didn't believe anyone would find my process interesting. It's messy. There's no formula or pattern. Most of what I do is intuitive and based simply on what I "feel" is the next step. Then I figure out how to do it based on the materials I have (or I acquire whatever I need to accomplish it.)

If I have a large - or important - series of steps to make, I have to focus completely just to get it done. I have to disconnect from many other places. It's not necessarily due to artsy subconscious emotions, it's just impossible to hold *everything* in your brain at the same time.

So I jump in; throw myself at my art. Plastic everywhere, frenzied mixing, paint flying, fingernails stained turquoise, empty containers and ruined brushes. I spend time sitting in front of each painting, seeking out the next step. I listen. I watch. I work with it.

I've made mad progress on everything. I'm 10+ steps into a new painting I haven't even photographed yet. 


Stay tuned.

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