gallery show

And then there were seven...

What an awesome show!

Out of 25 paintings, I came home with just 7. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, to Barry for being such a great host, and to Colin for taking on so much of the work (as always) at these events. I had a great time speaking with everyone, and really appreciate all the enthusiasm. Success!

Here's Barry's badass little Femme Fatale figures. Good work, sir!

The real buzz of the night was his in-process "Project Viki" which promises to be one of the coolest inventions ever in existence. I'm not quite sure where to begin explaining that one, so you'll have to check my blog next year for updates on when it will be unveiled. Just think The Time Machine meets old-school arcade games. Yup.

I need to remind myself to find water at some point in the evening on show nights. Inevitably, I end up talking so much that my mouth no longer forms words properly. Even better is the deterioration of brain function from the beginning of the night towards the end. Whereas I started off able to explain the nuances and intricacies of how I work with grace and intelligence, I ended the evening exhausted and confused, blathering some nonsense about balanced-chaos-zen-glow-peace-happy-acrylic-thick-long-time-floor-painting-rock-science-astronomy-universe-stars. I think that was an exact quote. My apologies to the nice art student at the end of the night who was forced to translate my half formed sentences. I blame delirium.

Anyway, this is what's left! (Update: All sold. Thanks!)







If you'd like one of these, email me and I'll reserve it for you. $50 each + $10 shipping if you don't live somewhere in South Orange County. (If you do, then no shipping charge.) Otherwise I'll try to get individual Etsy listings up later this week.

Thanks again!

All Twenty Five

1. natural lighting
2. artificial (interior) lighting
3. combined uv and interior lighting
4. uv lighting only
5. no light (glow in the dark)

Well, here they are. This set was a lot of fun to make. In a sense, I painted it like one large painting, though each one is intended to be sold individually. I'm not sure which l like more: the rainbow gradient, or the black-to-white metallic channels. Another bonus: You can mix and match! Buy a few that bring out all your favorite interior colors.

Each painting is 5x5 inches with a 1.5 inch edge, so it's like a little block of art. It can stand alone on a desk or shelf if you prefer. Or hang a few as a set. Super glow magic makes them glow all night. Extra fun when you wake up in the middle of darkness. :o) The sides are painted black and each one is individually signed in its own color (to match the background.)

$50 each!

A few close ups:

A few of them remind me very much of the inside of rocks. Like when my Grandpa would cut open a rock and there would be jagged, crystal-like craziness on the inside.

Did I mention $50?? :o)

Hope to see you at the show tomorrow! I suppose the earlier you arrive, the better selection you'll have, but either way, I'll be hangin' out till 10pm.

Saturday, September 18th, from 7-10pm at:

The Rebel Unit
727 North Poinsettia Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Two artists. One night. One chance. The 5x5 Show!

It's almost here! My twenty-five 5x5 inch paintings are officially signed and done. Tomorrow evening I head over to The Rebel Unit gallery and hang each one so that all 25 pieces take up a 5x5 foot space on the wall.

There should be something for everyone at this show. Like purple? Got ya covered. Yellow? One of my favorite ones is yellow. By painting a rainbow gradient, I've pretty much got every color you could want!

Of course they glow in the dark. :o) I'll post a picture of that tomorrow.

They also bring art into your life and you'll get to watch how they change and morph with the sunlight all year long! Plus, each one will give you a profound sense of peace and well-being.  Uh... Yeah.

Art, sunlight, profound peace, and a sense of well-being for just $50?! Truly.

Saturday, September 18th, from 7-10pm at:

The Rebel Unit
727 North Poinsettia Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

I'll see you there, right?

Five By Five

You gotta check out the 5x5 show this weekend! There will be beer. And foodtrucks.

Oh, and art! Lots of galleries to walk through, but you won't want to leave The Rebel Unit, where Barry and I will be hanging out with our 5x5 extravaganza.

You might even encounter a subtle, barely noticeable, inside joke or two about Buffy.

Because all art shows should be based around Buffy.

I'm standing by that statement.

Actually, I guess it's really more of a Faith reference. Technically.

Willow: "Oz is a werewolf."
Buffy: "It's a long story."
Oz: "I got bit."
Buffy: "Apparently not that long."
Faith: "Hey, as long as you don't go scratchin' at me or humpin' my leg, we're
five-by-five, ya' know?"
Oz: "Fair enough."

Anyway. It's possible I've gotten off track.

I made ALL NEW art for this show! 25 brand new paintings. Here's a preview. That's right, I'm showing you unfinished art!! :oO

Each one is 5x5 inches, and can stand up on its own on any desk or table. Only $50 each!

Saturday, September 18th, from 7-10pm

The Rebel Unit
727 North Poinsettia Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Make this season the Autumn of Art. Come to the show! Or else.

I'll stop now.

The 5x5 Show - Saturday, September 18th

I'm showing twenty-five brand new 5x5 inch paintings, each one for just 50 bucks! Great for gifts, and perfect shelf or desk art, although you can hang them too. Each one is a sturdy little 5x5 inch block, and fully Light Reactive! If you put it on your nightstand, you can watch it glow all night! :o)

(*note: Not the pieces listed above. Those are all sold paintings. I will be making BRAND NEW 5x5 inch paintings for this show.)

This is a really fun event!! Happening along with the Santiago Art District's monthly art walk. Lots of artists, and most importantly, DELICIOUS FOOD TRUCKS. Two words: Caprese Empanadas.

I'm just sayin.

FIFTY BUCKS! :oD Each one will change with the light all year. Yay!

You'll also want to check out artist and gallery owner Barry Berman's femme fatale silhouettes, cut out of anodized aluminum! Woooo!

As always, 10% of everything is donated to Acres of Love.

Hope to see you there!

Show tonight!!

Come out to Marina del Rey, near Venice and Santa Monica, tonight from 6-9PM to meet me and see my art in person!

The gallery has even set up a fun little "dark room" for me to view any painting you like under black lighting.

My space is right up front, behind the front window with another painting of mine in it. You can't miss the gallery -- you can see my art from the street!

Wine and refreshments will be served. It's a great gallery, with lots of artists! Hope to see you there.

The Happening Gallery
4047 Lincoln Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Free parking on the street in front of the gallery. There's a couple of side streets behind the gallery just a short walk away. There's also a Walgreens on the corner of Washington and Lincoln that might have extra parking too.

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Ninety One Percent

I love my collectors.

Painting has allowed me to meet some of the most interesting people I've ever known. My collectors are scientists, aerospace pilots, doctors, writers, teachers, world-travelers, feminists, corporate executives, and even artists themselves - to name a few. I consider many of them to be close, personal friends - even though they may live in other parts of the world and we connect only through email.

I truly value the support I've received for my art. You all mean a lot to me. The connection between Artist & Collector is something that can only be experienced. :o)

I currently have 10 paintings hanging at The Happening Gallery in Los Angeles. These make up nearly ALL of the remaining art I have left. My walls, and my studio, are currently empty.

This Saturday, July 17th, from 6-9pm I will be participating in my first show in Los Angeles. Even though my work is collected across the country and internationally, this will be the farthest that I have gone to directly meet collectors and show my work in person. I'm happy to expand beyond Orange County and introduce myself to new (and old) collectors in LA.

Out of the 150 paintings I've made so far in my career (not counting earlier ones hidden in my closet) I've sold 137. That's above 91%.

I've been hesitant to say that number out loud since we first did the math a few months ago. I've sold pieces since then, and made new ones too. The percentage remains the same. I'm thrilled with this, but it also shows the limited nature of any given collection of work.

I work very slowly and very intentionally on my art, I nurture each piece until it's just the way I want it. Each painting takes months to complete. Often, because of this, I don't have many paintings available for purchase at any given time. I receive emails inquiring about future paintings, and I keep very busy with commissioned work. This doesn't allow for a lot of extra art to be made. I never seem to be able to keep a backlog of art on hand.

I have been working on new concepts and experimenting with new materials recently. The fruits of these explorations may not be available for some time, and the process of an artist is one that's constantly evolving.

It's crucial to me that people who want to are able to collect my art. I'm happiest when someone who truly connects with a piece is able to have the one they want. That's what being an artist is about for me, connecting with those who enjoy what I do.

I'd love to meet you and make your acquaintance this weekend. We can chat about life and art and I can show you the light reactive effects on each painting. My paintings cross over into sculpture in that they are intended to be seen from different angles as light plays across textures and surfaces. You can see new pieces as well as your favorites up close and personal.

It's really going to be a great show. I'm excited to see you there.

The Happening Gallery
4047 Lincoln Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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July 17th, Venice Vibe Art Show

Come out and join me for this great show Saturday, July 17th in the Santa Monica area! I'll be there from 6-9 PM. It's a sweet gallery space, and I have the biggest spot! I'll be showing 10 paintings, including 3 brand new pieces that have never been shown before. You've seen this one, Nalu, and I still have 2 more to reveal!

Free parking on the street. Wine and refreshments provided. Mmm wine!

The Happening Gallery
4047 Lincoln Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Here's a map!

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My art is available for viewing (and purchase) Tuesday through Sunday as well, for most of July. This would be a great time for you to acquire one of my pieces. I'm hoping for a very successful showing, as this is my introduction to the Los Angeles art scene.

Hello L.A!

More Gallery Show Pictures

1. Luminary through the window!

2. Me and Chelsea, ever the maid-of-honor, who arrived with Kava in hand to help set up in the (somewhat) stressful afternoon before the show.

3. It begins.

4. It continues.

5. Warming

6. Still going...

7. As the evening winds down, I begin moving paintings in and out of the blacklight room, so those who were interested could see each painting under UV light.

Thanks to Darlene for taking so many great pictures! And thanks to Colin, who couldn't get quite as many since he was so busy talking me up to everyone at the show. ;o) I love him.

Thanks to EVERYONE for being so encouraging for the last however-many-months. I have an amazing group of friends and family who believe in me. I am truly grateful for each of you.

Art Gallery Exhibition

Early, 24x36, Sold

The show was great! I think almost everyone I know turned out for the event. I felt very supported. The feedback was amazing! I will post more pictures soon.

One of the best parts of the evening was answering the question about whether or not black light art can be considered "art" and whether or not it can stand under gallery scrutiny. I think we firmly settled that one, huh? :o)

My paintings were spread out over 2 rooms, the main front room, and the smaller room in the back, which was designated for black lights. We all agreed that no black lights were needed to show off my work, so everything up front was brilliantly bright, showing the vivid colors and textures of each piece. We did, however, have a black light flashlight available for those who wanted to see the UV color on everything in that room.

The UV room was the biggest hit. I loved it when crowds of people all piled into the smallish room to see the different lighting adjustments in action. We were able to "flip" between artificial lighting, UV lighting, and no light (for the glow) really easily, which greatly helped explain what "light reactive" means. Of course, towards the end of the evening, everyone wanted to see all the paintings under UV light, so we began swapping paintings around the windows and rooms so that each piece was able to experience its full UV glory.

Opening night sales were great and many people were very interested in coming back. It was nice to see so many people suddenly look sad when one of the paintings they were interested in sold right in front of them. Heh. ;o) At least I'm not the only one who feels an emotional attachment to a particular painting.

The gallery director told us that an opening had never gone that late before! Hooray for us. We know how to party.

This was a wonderful learning experience, of which I couldn't have gotten somewhere else. I like to think of this sort of education as Art School. I gained invaluable information, and feel more motivated to work hard than even before the show! I can't wait to see what the future brings, and I can't wait to start planning the next event. It's been quite a year so far. I have curated an Art Festival with over 30 artists and now I have participated in my own gallery show in a major art mecca.

This was just one stop. On to the next!