My New Studio

A studio! No couch! More space!

(Organizational goals for 2008 in full swing!)

I love my work bench. I can paint without crouching. Hooray. We also bought a few cabinets and drawers. I may need one more cabinet. For the time being, I am able to store most of my supplies in the same area of the house, rather than also in the kitchen, the bedroom, the closets...

I have not gotten used to it, and I constantly (constantly) go into the wrong room to get something before realizing that it was in the drawer right in front of me the whole time.

Colin put everything together himself, because he is wonderful and amazing and handsome and I love him. :oD

Meat was angry and spent most of the weekend under the bed, or scowling at us from the floor. He eventually began scowling at us from the couch cushion we kept, and then ultimately seemed to forget that we ever had a couch. Joey is thrilled that we finally realized that fetch is the most important thing, and have rearranged the apartment to accommodate this fact. He even helped us out by scattering his toys all over the newly created space.

As for Colin and I, we have taken up doing martial arts, yoga stretches, and spinning around in circles just because we can. I'm this close to doing a cartwheel in the middle of the room.

Mark my words: There will be hula-hooping.

Oh, and, more painting. Of course. :o)


So, I've made a decision. It's finally time for me to accept that I'm an artist and that I work from home and that I need more room to do these things.

You see, I need a studio.

The main objective is to turn the most used space in my apartment into a designated working area. It's not just me, Colin needs more working space too. This place is really too small to use it the way we are. We're going to get rid of the couch. We don't sit on it anyway. (That, and all of us monkeys in the last apartment utterly destroyed it. You know who you are.) The rest of the planning and reorganizing is a blur to me at the moment, but I can't wait to start using the beautiful, unfinished-wood work bench I bought a few months ago. It's been in the garage this whole time. We're also going to buy some sort of new cabinet thingie. Yay!

Where we will sit on the rare occurrences that we actually want to sit in front of the TV will have to be decided on later. It's only going to be a problem when LOST is on anyway. Meat will be furious, but I think we're going to spare him a cushion.

The ironic thing is, when I was little and thought I would be an actress when I grew up, I had a secret dream of living in a cool artist's studio. Hmm...

Also, check out my Showcase on Trunkt, which was put on the front page for today! :o) I'm going through a weird Butter phase. It's an amazing color.