Thank you for your interest in becoming a Patron! Here are detailed instructions with photos to help you out. 

First things first! Click the Become a Patron button below to get started.

Note: You'll need to confirm your email address before you make an official pledge! Click the link in the email Patreon sends you upon signing up. Then come back to the 'Become A Patron' button (either on the site/app itself, or use the button above). After 'Become A Patron', you should see this:


Choose which tier you want to sign up for and keep scrolling down.


Click CONTINUE. Next it will ask you to confirm your pledge. Keep scrolling down.


Fill in your address so I can send you things! :) And keep scrolling down.


You made it! Here's the screen you've been waiting for. Add a credit card or connect your PayPal, then click 'Confirm And Pledge' and you're done!


Finally, after the process is confirmed, you'll see a page that looks like this, with a note from me below this photo: 


If you're unsure, try clicking this link: If you have access to the post -- you're all set! If it still says Patron Only, then you need to confirm your account.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Most importantly, thank you for your generosity! I appreciate it --and you!-- every day. Together we're creating more art!