Testimonials from my awesome collectors:


"If you don't own a Shayla Maddox painting, you should. They totally set the mood for my home - magical and mystical, happy, unique and they - literally - glow. Anyone who sets their foot inside my home asks about them, no joke. And Shayla's a fabulous person - her paintings bring good joy and good energy, because of who she is and how freaking cool they are. Love love!!" - Emily

"Words cannot express how beautiful this artists paintings are! They can even be enjoyed with all of the lights off! The colors are gorgeous. They sparkle and glisten in daylight! WOW!!! Thanks Shayla!" -Tina W.

"Shayla - I can not even begin to tell you of my love for these. You were right - they are PERFECT for me! xo" -Adrea W.

"I just couldn't resist to finally own original paintings by Shayla. The paintings are just so cool!! I love them as they are in natural lighting, but then all the light reactiveness adds this constantly changing composition and I just want to move them around and watch what they look like next. I am so thrilled to get to have these in my home!!" -Karin G

"This painting is so pretty during the day, with muted yellow and orange fading to pink and purple-grey. Soft, lovely, understated. Then night comes, and you turn on the UV light and bam! Blazing red, fuschia, fiery brights, surrounded by darkness. Nothing subtle here! Very, very cool painting - Shayla, you're an amazing artist! Bit by bit, I am on a mission to fill my home with your artwork." -Emily D


"Absolutely beautiful and my favorite piece of the 3 I bought. Bright colors and dazzling effects as the light changes. Gorgeous colors and added that touch of warmth needed to liven up the guest bedroom. Shayla was kind enough to accept small installments of payments. She's a very understanding seller and wonderful artist." -Christine A

"I am blown away at the beauty of this painting. I feel like it should be in a museum (I would not be surprised at all if her work were on display at major museums one day), and I am so honored to have it in my home. Your incredible work with color - the blues and greens that shift with the layers of paint and texture, deeper in the crevices and lighter at the peaks...until you turn on a blacklight or let it glow in the dark, and the colors flip (the crevices illuminate brightly and the peaks fade to darkness.)The glass bits twinkle in the light...I absolutely love it. Every time I gaze at it, a feeling of tranquility washes over me, I smile, and I appreciate that there are some truly beautiful things in this world. Thank you, Shayla! You are such a kind and beautiful person, and incredibly talented. All of these are reflected in "Resonance"; the painting (literally!) glows with beauty and positive energy." -Emily D

"This little painting reminds me of the moon. I often lose track of time just staring at and admiring the colors and sparkles and textures in this painting. If you don't own an original Shayla Maddox painting, you have no idea what you are missing. Do whatever you can to buy one of her beautiful paintings. :o)" -Kim K

"This is going in my son's room for sure. The colors are brilliant, and the piece feels so friendy and joyous - this is the sort of art I want my son to be surrounded by. It radiates warmth, happiness, beauty. And HE loves it - he's almost two and delights in pointing out the sun, then the moon, then the sun, then the moon again, and on and on :)" -Emily S

"Beautiful Painting...Love the colors, textures, and the glitter of the glass chips. It looks like stars twinkling in the night. Thanks Shayla...will be buying more soon!" -Tina W

"This painting is breath taking and looks fabulous on my wall. It was also packaged very carefully. Such a pleasant and quick response from a truly awesome artist.Can't wait to do business with you again Shayla :)" -Ashley H

"WOW! This print is beyond stunning! The metallic paper gives your artwork a subtle glow that doesn't come close to the original light reactive painting, I'm sure, but really adds a depth and beauty to the print! I cannot wait for the day I come back for an original! Truly wonderful artwork. I'll be passing your name on to anyone & everyone I know who appreciates art! Thank you so much!" -Donna C

"Shayla! Thank you so much! I simply ADORE this piece... the colours are so brilliant and they glow even in the light - simply gorgeous. I am SUCH a fan. <3 And that you for your keen attention to the delivery... I appreciate your customer service and thing you are just spectacular." -Adrea M

"Ohhhh, I wish you could have seen my happy dance when I got this painting! :o) Shayla, it's beautiful. I love the way the blues and yellows meld into each other, and the sand and glass are so sparkly and beachy. :o) I hope you know you're one of my very favorites. ♥" -Kim K

"Just beautiful :) I want to add the packaging was just as nice, it was like receiving a treasured gift in the mail. Overall outstanding. Thank you!" -Art P


""Distant" is more beautiful than pictures or words can describe. Shayla has such an amazing gift with her art. These colors are so so pretty. And I love how the painting looks different when I move it from room to room depending on the light. I also have to say that Shayla is one of the sweetest people I have ever "met" on Etsy. She has a heart of gold, as evidenced by the note I just received in the mail, telling me that she made a donation in my name to Acres of Love, a charity caring for HIV positive babies and children in South Africa. wow! THANK YOU, SHAYLA!" -Kim K

"This is my first Shayla Maddox painting, and it won't be my last! I can this becoming an addiction! I was completely overwhelmed when I unwrapped this painting. The brilliant colors, the subtle glossiness, the beyond-cool texture, the totality of "Burning" is just AMAZING!! I'm so thrilled, and I thank you so much, Shayla! :o)" -Kim K

"This painting is thoroughly amazing! I've taken it from room to room in my house many times to see how it changes in the different lights. Shayla is just as lovely as her art! Packaging was wonderful too!" -Sara L

"There are no words for how much I love this painting! It's stunning in person and packed with gorgeous, subtle details. I feel so lucky to own it! Shayla is a wonderfully kind person who responds quickly and ships her work with great love and care. I will certainly be keeping my eye on Shayla's shop for that next painting I can't live without." -Megan B

"Oh wow, just wow. John and I are SO happy. Thank you so much for putting all that work into shipping our paintings safely! I sat down in front of them both with a big grin on my face when we got them unpacked, heh! It is so wonderful welcoming these new pieces into our new home! They are well-loved, to be sure! Thank you so much for letting these beauties go!" -Crystal T

"WOW. I really can't say enough about how wonderful this seller and her work are. Her work is STUNNING, she's an awesome person, and awesome as a seller, with great communication. Her pieces show the love and dedication she puts into them, and even the packaging was lovely. Her items are gorgeous online and absolutely breath taking in person. The colors...the design...the changes with light; she's truly honed her craft and created a style all her own. I love, love, love my painting, and I'm grateful to her for working with me on a payment plan so I could get it. THANK YOU, SHAYLA!!! You're awesome!! :)" -Juli

"Absolutely beautiful! In addition to creating glowingly gorgeous paintings, Shayla is always communicative and helpful, packaging her work with tons of care and giving advice on the purchasing appropriate lighting. :-)" -Madeleine B

"Shayla never ceases to amaze me. I always expect the best from her and I always get more than I expect! These paintings are stunning! I love how versatile they are as well. I had chosen a spot when I purchased them, but I've spent a lot of time now carrying them around my house and seeing how great they look just about everywhere! It took me awhile to find the best spot since they look so good all over the place and in so many different positions! This is my third purchase from Shayla now and, I am certain, not my last. Thanks Shayla!" -Stephanie G

"Shayla Maddox is absolutely one of the best artists on Etsy. Her work has a depth to it that is so much more than what is reflected in photographs. She's incredible to work with and always goes the extra mile. I am so glad I 'met' her (if you can call it meeting when online) and I am proud to own some of her art. I have this piece in my office and I receive several compliments a week on it! Thank you so much!" -Stephanie G

"Fantastic Shayla!!! Thank you ... what a gift and talent you have. The piece is so interactive and experiential. I hung the piece in my bedroom which gets a ton of natural light and I can't keep my eyes off of it. Every time I see it, the painting glows a new color of 'shine'. I am simply in love with it, drawn into it, inspired by it and smiling because of it. I had no idea the amount of texture and paint that was actually on the piece. I can see you put an incredible amount of time and thought into your work, and the colors that are visible to my human eyes are expanded somehow by your technique. I hope folks on etsy will take the plunge, if you are the least bit hesitant about buying 'art' online, don't be with Shayla's work. It delivers WAY MORE then you could possibly ever imagine. I feel like I have a piece of Shayla in my home. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before. Thank You, Thank You. (And to think I was just buying this piece because it matched my bedroom colors - psshh). I can see a bright future in Shayla's art path. What a pleasure to have stumbled upon such an incredible find! I will definitely be acquiring another piece." -Becky P

"I am almost speechless. This piece is STUNNING. It is *so* much more vibrant than the pictures show. The way the colors change is so unusual - it's as if we have several pieces of art because the painting looks different at each time of day. I can really see how much work went into this; the design is so intricate, I could stare at it for hours. Shayla clearly takes great pride in her work (and rightfully so!) Even the packaging was artful. It was so carefully wrapped and even decorated. I don't think I can express how much I adore this painting and how impressed I am with Shayla. Such a pleasure to work with, I also feel like I bought from a friend. Shayla, best wishes for your upcoming show, but make sure you save a few pieces for etsy because I WILL be back for more! Thank you very much! :D" -Stephanie G